**NEW and Enhanced Site: leon-dotd.rhcloud.com**


Contact Info
The best way to contact the creators of the site are through Kongregate chat. Most of the members of LEON tend to belong to room 5. However, if you are not on kongregate, cryophallion is the maintainer of the site, and he can be reached at cryophallion@gmail.com.

Note about the Site Layout
While the site was just created to be basic, many may wonder at why it is so small. The fact is, many people may want to play the game while viewing the website. Therefore, it is made just wide enough to fit the guides which are hosted on google docs for ease of collaboration and versioning. However, it should also still be narrow enough to still be usable, especially the TNL estimator, while side by side with the game. So, it is basically made to barely fit the content, and nothing more.